Updating steam power

09-Jul-2016 03:29

You can schedule your computer to only download updates during certain hours of the day so that your usual internet browsing doesn't get bogged down.

Or, you can just maximize the speed at which games download for the same effect. Sometimes, people get a little too liberal with how much they change their screennames, which makes it hard to keep up with who's who.

If you decide to stream to a larger computer or even hook up to a TV, you'll probably struggle with the small text on Steam.

So when using Steam on a large screen, just click "Big Picture Mode" for a much more TV-friendly experience.

You can sort them by "Most popular" so you're only looking through the best of what the community has to offer. Keep in mind, this feature only works if your home computer is currently awake and running the Steam application.

If you don't want to leave your computer running all day but you know that you'll want to start downloading a certain game as soon as it's available, you can automatically set your computer to wake up at a certain time.

Click "Steam" in the upper left hand corner of the application and then "Check for Video Driver Updates." BOOM.

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Now, when you restart your Steam client, go to "Settings," then "Interface," and then select the skin you downloaded from the drop-down menu.

This can be a complicated process, especially if you're trying to backup non-Steam games or if you also want to backup all your save data, so visit Steam's official help page on the subject if you're looking to learn more.

By going to your Steam preferences and clicking "Downloads," you'll unleash a world of hidden treasures that lets you micromanage every single aspect of how Steam downloads games.

To do so, visit a friend's profile, click "More" and then click "Offer a trade." You can trade games that have been purchased as a gift or other various in-game items.

Check out this helpful guide on Steam's site to learn more.

Steam is far and away the most ubiquitous platform for computer gaming with over 125 million active users, but its dense user interface means that there are a lot of hidden features that often go unnoticed and underutilized. Check out this list of Steam features that you probably haven't heard of: If your high-powered PC is in one room of the house, but you feel like playing on your less powerful laptop in the kitchen, you can stream the game wirelessly from the more powerful machine.

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